13months !ife in Seattle:)


Hi, this is Arisa.

I talk about why I felt "HAPPY" today. I have 3 reasons!

  Summer quarter starts next Monday. My class for summer quarter was announced today. Actually, When IBP(International Business Professions) students want to choose and take another subject or business class except those in the IBP program, they need to pass TOEFL test. But, actually, I couldn't pass TOEFL test (really embarrassing) in June, so I have to take ESL classes in the summer quarter. I think it's gonna be a good chance for me to improve my English skills during the summer quarter(1 month). I was a little bit happy, because my level of the class that I take in the summer quarter is higher than the middle(3) class. (There are English levels ranging from 1 to 5.) I will do my best in the level 4 class which was decided by the placement test.

  I met my teacher who taught me English during spring quarter at a coffee shop. ※As a side note, people who are living in Seattle love coffee soooo much!!! lol By the way, I asked her some questions such as how I should study now and problems about my life to solve quickly. Then, she approached and encouraged me a lot. I was sooo glad. I thought she was a very very good teacher for me.

  I can get along with my host family (especially mother) lately. I'm so glad. Today, I could talk about my life and food in Polish. Also, my host mother's mother, who is living in Porland has been staying in my host family's house for a few days. She's gonna stay for two and half months! That is a good opportunity for me to search and know different culture and feeling. I'm looking forward to spending time together everyday! But, I have a problem that my host mother's mother cannot speak English. I want to find  the best way to communicate to her. So, I'm gonna try conversation that uses Polish translation tomorrow. Actually, I knew that she was staying for 2.5 months today!! lol Because of I had thought that she would go back to Porland after a week when she visited my host house, so I was very suprised.


Anyway, I felt HAPPY today!!!!!

I'm sorry that my Writing skill is not good.


Thank you for reading.